Weekend at Terminus Manor is a Parlor Larp set in an alternate Victorian Era. Our Events are run at the Claremont House in Rome GA but is set in one of the finer areas of Atlanta.

The year is 1898 and the War of Enlightenment has expanded knowledge and civility across the world. Terminus Manor is a destination for those with many desires; a weekend of luxurious comfort, a place to “get away from it all”, the excitement of supposed paranormal activity or a chance to leave one’s humdrum life and see how the other half lives, if even for a moment.

All are welcome by the Owners and Staff of Terminus Manor. Your wishes are their greatest concerns. They will go to length to accommodate their Guests as best as they are able.

Weekend at Terminus Manor will run four times per year. If you wish to join our Facebook group, please use the Contact form to let us know your interest and we will add you to the group as soon as possible.

We hope you will be able to join us.